Missy Corrine Carson. 22 years old. I live for God. I don't hate the minorities. I post whatever I find funny. I have no shame, and neither should you. I go against what society says because everything they feed people is a bunch of lies. I'm an outgoing person and if you get me upset, you WILL know about it. I'm not into revenge because I believe it is the Lord's. I'm very finicky when it comes to people's grammar. I live for the truth. I love to photograph things. I reblog Supernatural. Follow if you like what you see<3

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Beautifullll!!! #lakemonroe #deltona #floridasunsets Who says Deltona isn&#8217;t amazing? ;) (at Lake Monroe Boat Ramp)

Beautifullll!!! #lakemonroe #deltona #floridasunsets Who says Deltona isn’t amazing? ;) (at Lake Monroe Boat Ramp)

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